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Shy says, read the rules 1st.
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I looked at my last journal entry and realized it was so long ago I thought I should write a new one. So if anyone still cares:

In regards to the mystery series it seems unlikely that I will continue it anytime soon if ever since I lost interest the same time I became busy. Regardless I'm glad to have done it and I hope everyone enjoyed it. The same goes for other vectors and art.

Despite this I am still around and will gladly talk anyone who wants to and respond to any comments/notes people leave for me. I also have many extra points I have no need for: if anyone wants them I will give them some. 

Most interestingly of all is this delightful award winning game made by the brilliant who also created if that interests you.


Lightning Tumble
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United States
Hey everyone! I'm just here doing what I do! And what I do is vector, make comics, and try and help out when I can! So on that note if you see something you like it'd be grand if you Favorited or even watched! I'd be so happy! Also if you ever have any questions on how to vector or really anything you think I might be able to help with don't wait to ask! I'll also sometimes do live streams and would be honored if you'd join me!

-mystery Comic: None!
-other comics: None!
-other pieces: None!
-commissions: None!

Sadly it is the start of the semester so time is at a premium but I WILL always make time for ponies. Well I'll try. (Actually I won't)

Contact me? Contact me!
Skype: Lightning.tumble
Steam: Lightning Tumble

:iconrequestsclosed: :icontradesclosed2: :icongiftsclosed: :iconpointcommishesclosed: :iconcollabsclosed: :iconcommissionsclosed:

Hidden codes and other puzzle will be in some of my pieces. If you are the first to solve the puzzle or find the code and are the first to send me the answer in a note you win! Your prize is a free request!

Prize request Rules:
1. If you've already found a prize I'll probably ask you to let someone else find the next one even if you're the first to find it again.
2. After you've found the prize and I've confirmed it it is your job to tell me what you want within a week or so, otherwise I may be too busy to fulfill your prize anytime soon. If at all.
3. The prizes must not be something overly complex. For instances nothing with a background or more then one (maybe two) characters. However they can have unique objects in them. An exception of course is if I really like your idea of something more complex. So if you think I will then go ahead and ask!

Prize Winners:
1. :iconpotzi-hookman: won the prize for:… by finding the code in 37 minutes. He won:
2. :iconeonevolution: won the prize for:… by finding the code in 23 minutes. He Won
3. :iconbb-k: won the prize for:… by solving the mystery quickly and thoroughly! He won:…
4.:iconjonathanmdful: won the prize for:… by finding the code in 19 minutes. He won:
5. :iconsagasshi: won the prize for… by finding the code in 3 hours. He won:…
6. :iconharukohoshiko: won the prize for… by finding the code in around 1 hour. He won:
7. :icondaringblitz: won the prize for: by solving the mystery with the best answer! His won:…
8. :icondeath-of-all: won the prize for… by finding the code in 1 hour. He won:
9. :iconro9ge: Won the prize for by finding the code. He won: for his friend :iconpaintapastime:

Point commissions: are closed it seems; probably for ever

Money Commissions: :iconpaypalplz: :iconcommissionsclosed:
-basic single pony OC: $3.00
-more complex OC or multiple Basic characters: $5.00
-with background/very complex OC or Canon: $10 or more

Everything is open to change. If I like the idea or I feel it is something I can do quick then I'll do it more cheaply. Conversely if I think it will take a long while then I may charge more!

Trades: Generally too busy to do trades right now. Always exceptions I suppose.

Current number of people on my list: 0

:iconrequestsclosed: :icontradesclosed2: :icongiftsclosed: :iconpointcommishesclosed: :iconcollabsclosed: :iconcommissionsclosed:

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